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Trappers Lake

Located on the border of the Flat Tops Wilderness Area, and at over 10,000 feet elevation, Trapper's is one of Colorado's most beautiful natural lakes, as well as being the second largest natural lake in Colorado. The 200 acres of water is home to a wild strain of cutthroat trout, and offers the angler productive fishing throughout the summer. This lake holds the largest population of native Colorado River cutthroat trout in the world! This lake is also a fish source for hatcheries around the country.

Many of the more remote areas around the lake are restricted to foot or horse travel only. Canoes and float tubes will help provide access to these areas. Crystal clear waters afford many sight fishing opportunities. Dry fly fishing can be superb when the lake is calm.

Hand-propelled craft may be rented from the lodge nearby.

White River

The White River is a beautiful freestone river that originates high in the Flat Tops Wilderness at Trappers Lake, which is a blue-ribbon cutthroat trout fishery. The White River flows from beautiful Trappers Lake down through the White River Valley which includes the small towns of Buford and Meeker along Rio Blanco County Road 8 and Colorado Highway 13. Meeker is the gateway to the White River Valley and this underrated trout fishery offers superior angling opportunities for cutthroat, brown, brook, and rainbow trout as well as mountain whitefish. The White River flows west through Meeker and Rangely until it eventually flows into the Green River in Utah.

The best trout fishing on the White River is from the town of Meeker east all the way to its headwaters at Trappers Lake. This long stretch of river (approx. 40 miles) is mostly privately owned, although there are several stretches east of Meeker along RBC Cty. Road 8 (Nelson-Prather Access and Green Cabins Access) that are public and several other stretches near Buford as well (Sleepy Cat Access and near Trappers Lake). The best fishing on the White River and other streams/lakes is available on private ranches, so contact the Meeker website for information on local fishing guides/outfitters, lodges, and private landowners (www.meekercolorado.com). Wade fishing is the most popular method on the White River as it is not quite large enough to float during most of the year. In addition to fishing in the White River, there are many high-mountain lakes and streams in the Flat Tops Wilderness area that offer great brook trout fishing to anglers as well as terrific camping and hiking opportunities.